Word Talent: Crossword Puzzle Connect Word Fever

Word Talent: Crossword Puzzle Connect Word Fever is the best cross word puzzle game for FREE!
Concentrate to connect letters anyway you like to build words, buy hints to solve more difficult word puzzles! Cross Connect Word is suitable for any word game starters and masters. Enjoy this word connect & crossword puzzle game right now to train your brain and learn new words.

Word Talent – Crossword Puzzle Connect Word Fever Game provides you with up to 2200 levels to challenge, difficulty increases along with levels. You won’t get bored because of various kinds of word puzzles for you to enjoy brainstorming. Play this word cross match puzzle to connect letters and make words, you can get great gifts and free coins from daily rewards and lucky spin! Can’t wait to enjoy this crossword puzzle? It’s time to pick up words in fun and relaxed way! 😽

What makes Word Talent so special? 🀩
β˜… Suitable for all ages. Totally free and easy to play and good for learning English through solving word puzzles.
β˜… Train brain and enrich vocabulary – Word Talent: Crossword Puzzle Connect Word Fever starts easy but becomes challenging as further you go!
β˜… Best word puzzle game with simple but addictive gameplay.
β˜… More than 1800 word connect levels and 400 crossword levels await you to challenge.
β˜… Enjoy various interesting word puzzle modes.
* Cliff word puzzle: build the word bridge to help the kid across the cliff.
* Shoot word puzzle: find and shoot bottle with the wrong word.
* Bomb word puzzle: find the right word to cut its wire, to save the world.
β˜… Free coins chest: you can collect free coins to buy more hints and pass more levels!
β˜… Use hints to highlight your brain to solve current word puzzle level easily.
β˜… Check the inserted dictionary to learn words meaning after level completed.
β˜… Discover certain number of extra words to get coin rewards .
β˜… No network? Don’t worry, you can play Word Talent anywhere and anytime.
β˜… No time limits for you to swipe letters to unlock new words.
β˜… FB share link: support to share this best game to your friends and families and ask for help when you get in stuck.

Easy to Play
Correctly swipe the given letters to catch hidden words, try to find as many words as possible to earn bonus coins. Don’t forget to use clues to help you complete levels or when you get puzzled to find words.

Word Talent: Crossword Puzzle Connect Word Fever is an addicting word puzzle game that once you start you can’t stop playing! Perfect word game for everyone, word puzzle fans, word connect lovers. 😘

This Word Connect Crossword Puzzle with its especial feature designed for developing & training your brain, you will love it deeply! 😍

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