Looking for family friendly games online? Play Wild Cards with friends on your mobile! Are your crazy card party buddies busy? You can enjoy dozens of offline virtual card games too! Afterward, win coins in an online Wild Cards game with players around the world. It’s the perfect crazy eights multiplayer game for kids or adults. This family friendly game is sure to be enjoyable for everyone. The best part is that you will not have to unlock any of the features. Download Wild Cards online now and get a card party with friends and family started!

Wild Cards Features:
– Millions of super card players around the world!
– Fun audio and graphics
– Fast-paced, virtual card games
– Intuitive gameplay and interface
– Multiplayer online card games
– Up to 4 player card games with or without wifi
– Play your own music in the background of your Wild Cards games!
– All of the best content unlocked

The rules are similar to your favorite “oh no game.” Be the first person to discard all your cards! When it’s your turn, play a card with either the same color or number as the last card played. Card matching is the object of the game. Once a player has discarded their last card, the game is finished.

Exciting Playing Cards:
+2 Cards: Your opponent gets 2 extra playing cards.
Skip: Play this card to skip over a player.
Reverse: This fun card changes the direction of the players. Flip the direction of the gameplay.
Wild: It can be played at any time. Lay it down and pick your favorite color.
Wild +4: Pick a color and give the other player four extra playing cards.

Searching for 3 player games online? In Wild Cards you don’t have to find 4 players – you can even enjoy online 2 player games! This is just one of the features that make Wild Cards the top online multiplayer game.

Wild Cards is full of multiplayer online party games. Whether you are looking for a simple mobile card game or a crazy card party, Wild Cards is the perfect American card game for any situation. Find card game groups that love these crazy eights multiplayer games as much as you do! You can build a paradise island, unlock cool maps, and make it to the leaderboard! Download now to enjoy multiplayer games with friends online or offline. Why not start a crazy card party today!?


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