Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG

Vampire’s Fall drops you into an open world and lets you create a name for yourself. Will you be worshipped or feared?

There are absolutely no paywalls or “pay to win”. 90% of our players play completely for free.

Just classic RPG fun. Adventure into enchanted forests, abandoned villages, and spooky mines.

There’s an unbelievably massive map and open world to explore, hidden treats to uncover, skills to unlock and many, many monsters to slay.

It’s time to loot friends or foes.

Create your own fighting style. Design your character: choose, customize and upgrade 3 different skill trees and 14 abilities. Whether you like smashing through shields, throwing lightning bolts, or performing battlefield acrobatics, it’s up to you!

Talk to esteemed generals, random farmers, and feared wizards. Pick between witty dialogue options and immerse yourself in a carefully crafted world.

So who will you fight? What will you discover? And what type of hero will you be?

Note from the developers:
We’re three gamers that have always been fans of old-school RPGs. It took us three years of hard (but fun!) work to create Vampire’s Fall: Origins. We’ve tried to keep that old-school RPG charm, say no to “pay to win” systems, and give players a lot of character customization options. We’re very proud to say that our game has reached over 1,000,000 downloads and was voted best game of 2018 for Android by reddit (r/androidgaming).

Also, as promised, our new expansion “The Hunt for Sava” is live and 100% free!

Have fun playing 🙂

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