Summoners War

Everything unusual always attracts. And if this is an unusual world in the style of fantasy, then you just want to explore it as soon as possible! In a game called Summoners War, you will do just that.
In the game world, there is a war for mana crystals, and you will have to join those who fight for them. And help in this will … Who would you think? Real monsters! There are a lot of them here and each has its own unique features. Pay attention to the runes – with their help, you can pump your characters so that they become even stronger.
Mana – this is the most important thing in the world, so boldly go into battle, using all the opportunities provided by the developer of the game. Sky Arena is waiting, and spectacular battles on it will be guaranteed thanks to high-quality graphics. But battles are not everything – the player can do other interesting things, such as the development of his settlement. And you can also test your strength with other players in PvP mode or oppose the boss.

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