Star Chasers Twilight Run

Become a Star Chaser and embark on a memorable journey to rescue the stars that have fallen onto earth. Sprint, jump, vault, swing, wall-run, and perform amazing parkour moves as you attempt to collect as many stars as you can before Darkness and his minions destroy them forever!

A. Unique and memorable Journey!

★ In Star Chaser: Twilight Run, follow Max, Lily or Akio through their unique journey on the rooftops to save the stars. Catch many stars and give the constellations their former glory.
★ Darkness decided to steal all the stars from the sky. But a fortunate mistake gives you, the Star Chasers, an opportunity to save them all! Run on the rooftops and catch as many stars as you can before Darkness get them. Dash, flip, and wall run your way to save them all!
★ Surf on the wind and perform a lot of different activities to progress with the levels smoothly. You are a Star Chasers, an acrobat, an artist of the rooftops; nothing can stop you in your run as long as you show all your dexterity.
★ While saving the stars, go through different kind of levels, from the rooftops to the museum enjoying a diversity of levels and environments which will delight your eyes.

B. A beautiful and memorable visual experience!

★ In Star Chaser: Twilight Run, enjoy sumptuous 3D scenery that take you to wonderful worlds and magic. The rooftops will never be as magnificent as in Star Chasers, giving them the feeling of a movie. Enjoy superbly well-designed levels that will carry you on a memorable and unique journey!
★ Follow Max, Lily or Akio in their journey! Enjoy well-designed characters and get attached to their charming personality. Every character possesses his own high-quality animations that make every single one of them a new friend to accompany you on your memorable and unique journey. Some characters also possess their own unique ability. Unlock them to discover it!
★ Fight the creatures of Darkness! Face a panel of enemies diverse and well-designed. Enjoy sliding or stomping to defeat them and recovers stars. The children of Darkness don’t stand a chance against you Star Chasers!
★ The children of Darkness will not be your only obstacles as even the elements are on your way. Avoid the lightning and push yourself through the tempest to secure the victory!
★ Enjoy an amazing and memorable soundtrack to accompany you on each level. Charming and magical, enjoy a composition that will delight your ears!

C. Thrilling and challenging gameplay

★ In Star Chaser: Twilight Run, play through challenging level. Face numerous enemies, dodge them or try to beat them in order to keep running. On the way catch as many stars as possible.
★ Enjoy numerous feature and abilities to help you on your challenging journey. Jump and surf on the back of your enemies. Protect yourself with a shield, surf effortlessly through the level with the Star Speed!

We are continually working to improve your experience and bring you new characters, new environments, and fresh new gameplay mechanics.
Stay tuned!

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