Sniper Strike – FPS 3D Shooting Game

One of the best games on mobile devices, which is a kind of sniper simulator with elements of a shooter, in which you have to perform a variety of tasks, as well as fight with other players in the PvP format. The developers made an excellent graphic design, added good animation, cool special effects, decent sound.

In fact, the game Sniper Strike is a sniper shooter, in which the main focus is on exciting missions and dynamic battles with other players. In each mission, there is some specific task or several tasks that need to be completed in a certain time. In this case, the less time you spend on the task, the more bonuses you can get. Successful passage guarantees a cash reward and a variety of bonuses.

As in other similar games, the fundamental aspects are money and energy. The first can be earned in missions, and then spent on pumping existing weapons or buying new equipment, new snipers or machine guns. The second is necessary for access to missions.

As mentioned above, the game has a PvP mode of battles in which you can do some shooting with other players. In this mode, both awards are more impressive, and more interest. In this mode, you can team up with friends and complete various tasks with them.

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