Serania – Path of the Scion: Text-based RPG

Escape the Blackblades and search for answers about your mysterious past in this new RPG text adventure, set in a medieval fantasy world.

You can play the first 1/5 of the game for free. If the game is for you, you can buy access to the full story.


✔️ An engaging fantasy story, where you choose what to do
✔️ Text-based RPG with illustrations and choices
✔️ Freely explore the world of the story
✔️ Meet and interact with other characters
✔️ Go on missions, improve your skills, and fight deadly battles
✔️ Manage your inventory, use items, buy, sell or use in combat
✔️ Follow the clues and find out the truth about your ancestry!
✔️ Accessible: Full support for screen readers


“… a stunningly well-written and enthralling text adventure.”
– GameBookNews

“Serania: Path of the Scion is a Must Play if You Like Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Books”
– GameSpew

“Serania – Path of the Scion excels as an engaging narrative experience that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere, with a streamlined interface that seamlessly integrates all aspects of the game naturally.”
– IndieHive


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