Pocoyo Run & Fun – cartoon racing kids games

Pocoyo Run & Fun is a fast paced, exciting and casual game to play for free, whenever and wherever you want, with just one hand. Run as fast as you can!

How do you manage to entertain and educate at the same time?

The popular character dressed in blue who has reached the hearts of the little ones of the house is back again. We never tire of being surprised by Pocoyo and his band of inseparable friends. This time he brings us a very funny racing game for the children that we like so much and so many good moments have passed us by.

No two games will be the same!

On this occasion, all of them without exception, embark on a thrilling new adventure to the delight of the children. They will run up and down the mountains without a break.

But if that’s not enough for you, you’ll have the tricky task of dodging some fun-looking but unfriendly green aliens like a real master. Don’t let the enemies get you!

And how do we get out of their clutches? Well, it’s very easy, just jump in at full speed and face the various obstacles that we are used to finding in the fauna and flora of our natural places. But above all, don’t get caught up in the avalanche of little aliens.

All of this will be possible, depending on the level of the children when performing pirouettes and all kinds of movements in the cartoon race. Are you ready to run at the speed of light?

Download it now!

Don’t forget to use the advantages you can get with the extra characters. Discover all the secrets to go even faster, avoid obstacles and discover new tricks. Jump at the right time to perform incredible poses and acrobatics. Try to discover them all, we have many hidden surprises for you.

In a short time you will be able to see for yourself how fast you have improved. You can also see how playing with the Run & Fun toy has helped your child, as it will improve his visual and manual coordination. You will also see positive results in his memory and in his ability to retain both numerical concepts and colour identification. Do you dare to take up the challenge we propose?

Pocoyo Run & Fun is based on a racing game for gambling kids. That is, it integrates the typical game dynamics and rewards to achieve the learning objectives. This makes the child learn by playing without any effort.

Run to pick up the coins and redeem them to get improvements and go further and further!

Pocoyo Run & Fun is a game based on fluid physics: What does this term mean? In this case Pocoyo must advance non-stop through the screens that it passes. His goal is to always go forward. You will see that the stage never ends, the more the speed you acquire the more prizes you will get.

– Simple controls, easy to play but with gameplay depth. It’s
– Tricks and tricks system, fun and challenging.
– Colorful and fun visual design.
– Wide variety of objectives and missions that unlock achievements and rewards.
– Hundreds of hours of speed, laughter and fun!

We don’t forget about the safety of the game

The cartoon race game is made especially for parents with children between the ages of 1 and 6. We are also aware of the concern about inappropriate videos and content that they may find on the mobile and more specifically on the Internet.

It is a game full of fun and impossible challenges. We can only say… Run!

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