Ninja Skidoshi – Wall Jumping Hero

Start from the top of the city🌆 and descend down into a mysterious world of obstacles and dangerous creatures👾. Use your ninja skills to your advantage, time your jumps from wall to wall, and collect golden coins and statues🏆 to unlock more free content!

The further you’re jumping down, the higher you’re climbing up the leaderboard. Set the high score and watch your friends fail to beat it😏! Enjoy the immersive sounds paired with beautiful graphics and smooth animations.

Be the hero the Skidoshi Clan needs and achieve victory🥇 through careful use of your skills and witts. But remember; time is never on your side! So be sure to collect the clocks because in Ninja Skidoshi, a few seconds⏳ are far more precious than a fistful of coins.

Core Features

★ Truly Free to Play – you can get all the items in-game by simply playing it
★ Endless mode – have endless fun and enjoy an ever-generating world
★ Slow-Motion – use the slow-mo mechanic to get out of impossible situations
★ Hypercasual – easy to play, easy to run
★ Scalable – we’re constantly adding new things to the game
★ Leaderboard – compete with other players and reach the top
★ Fun & Addictive – play various maps with various characters

For more info about the game and its development, follow us on our social media channels. If you’re a nerd and would love to learn about the game’s lore, then definitely follow the channels below:


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