Learning Master – High School Girl Puzzle is a simulator of being a hard-working high school girl.
The schoolgirl just enters the senior high school and start the learning. She needs to learn many lessons including the main subjects, science lessons, liberal art lessons, and skill lessons. Learning is not easy. Your learning rank will be upgraded gradually as your learning points gradually grow after time.
Be a learning master and pass all the exams!

How to Play
• Collect knowledge points and upgrade your learning level
• Attend culture class for subjects study
• Unlock and take skill lessons
• Pass exams to increase your ability

Game Features
• Study Simulator: Get knowledge and upgrade
• Take Lessons: Culture lessons, skill lessons, and advanced lessons!
• Talent Upgrade: Be an ultimate learner!
• Costume: Get fashionable looks!
• Scenes: Study in many scenes
• Quiz: Funny quiz time!
• Bookstore: Read books to get knowledge
• Classmates: Learn with your weird classmates

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