Kitchen Craze: Food Restaurant Chef Cooking Games

Do you love playing new cooking games? Then check out Kitchen Craze: Food Restaurant Chef Cooking Game, one of the Play Store’s most rated cooking simulator game.

⭐The feverish of Kitchen Craze: Food Restaurant Chef Cooking Games will prove a challenge for even the greatest Master Chefs of restaurant games. This fun chef game lets you practice your time management skills as you take over the kitchen in restaurants games around the world. No kitchen game or restaurant game is having much fun as this cooking simulator does.
This new kitchen game challenges you to serve food to hungry customers in kitchens around the globe! Tackle everything from exotic fine dining to fast food, including restaurants games like:

🍕 NEW Pizza Palace! Bake delicious pizzas and cook wonderful chicken wings in this Italian restaurant simulation!
🍪 NEW The Dream Deli! Serve sandwiches while baking tasty cookies in this fast food restaurant game!
🍣 The Sushi Spot! Prepare savory sushi and cook Japanese delicacies in this exotic restaurant simulation!
🍔 The Burger Barn! Fry up the perfect burgers and cook hot dogs in this awesome burger shop cooking simulator!

… and so many more! 🍩Donuts! 🐟Seafood! 🌮Mexican! The list goes on! Become a master of chef games as your time management skills improve with each new restaurant and its own unique kitchen!
Scramble around these restaurants and others as you discover why millions of players have enjoyed the cooking insanity found in Kitchen Craze: Food Restaurant Chef Cooking Games No simulation is as crazy, or as challenging a test of your chef talents!

⭐Features: ⭐

📱Play offline or online, no internet connection required!
💸 Free to play forever, no purchase required!
👯 Serve a cast of crazy characters!
🌎 Cook & serve food from kitchens around the world!
☝️️ The fastest new cooking game on the Stores! Now with tapping!
🎉 Hundreds Of challenging levels!
💯 Share your scores on social media and show your friends why you’re the greatest restaurant game player in the world!
⏰If your time management skills are good enough, master the simulation and become a skillful Chef!

What are you waiting for? Download Kitchen Craze: Food Restaurant Chef Cooking Games and catch the best restaurant game of 2019! Discover recipes as you embark on a journey of crazy cooking fun, building your time management skills and exploring the test of a true restaurant simulation! You’ll start at the bottom, but by building your kitchen and managing all the cooking insanity, you’ll uplevel your chef game and build a true restaurant empire!

Download Kitchen Craze: Food Restaurant Chef Cooking Games now and reveal the clever twist that has made this fun new cooking game the leader among even the most popular chef kitchen games and time management games. Then you’ll understand why this cooking game comes from the makers of the top restaurant games of all time, which has been enjoyed by over TEN MILLION PLAYERS.

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