Juice Cubes

In the magical world, on the sandy shore, there is a small field where fruits want to be together! Bright and so friendly creatures in the Juice Cubes need your help.

Juice Cubes

In the fictional world, there are own rules. For example, at least three representatives of the same fruit crops are allowed to join, no less! However, there are no restrictions on the direction of the arrangement – you can even combine the fruits diagonally. If more than three fruits are included in the series, a special bonus is formed, which explodes the figures around, destroys the entire line or several lines at once, turning a field into the orgy of sounds, colors, and bonus points.

In Juice Cubes for Android, a merge of several bonuses is not rare. Then the screen sparkles with all the colors of the rainbow, and the score is growing at a tremendous pace.

Juice Cubes app

In addition to the main missions, there are additional ones. For completing them, you are given points and bonuses necessary to transform fruits of one type into another, destroy some cells and add moves when necessary. Bright fruit slices want to be together, but without the help of a player, it is almost impossible! How about to download Juice Cubes for Android and join the society of colorful friends scattered around the game map?


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