Idle Farmer Simulator: build your farming empire!

Love to play farm games and simulator games, but you’re tired of waiting for the harvest all day long? Looking for something new? Become an Idle Farm Tycoon, build your own farm village, automate every harvest process, and sit back and watch the idle money just pour right in! Just enjoy the village life and garden scapes!
Why have a small garden when you can have a big farm?! Why have a single farm when you can have dozens?! Become the smartest, fastest, richest idle farm tycoon in the world, build and automate the most profitable idle farming empire!

Why you’ll love Idle Farmer:
– Automate your big idle village by hiring managers to increase income and make more idle money in hay day!
– Your ranch earns idle money even when you’re offline!
– Hire managers with different skills to boost farming productivity
– Train your village managers, be a real farmer tycoon!
– Buy new idle animals, breed and cross them to produce new more profitable products
– Never sit around waiting for the harvest to end, you make idle money every second!
– Enjoy the wonderful graphics of the village life and garden scapes.
– Compete in regular tournaments and become the most renowned idle farmer in the world!
– Develop 10 different territories in your farming territory
– Produce 40 different items in stables and gardens: from plants to idle animals and much more
– Play anywhere, no internet connection required!

Build your ranch, build a mighty idle farming empire and become the richest, most famous and respected idle farm tycoon in the world!

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