Hidden Object Mystery: Ghostly Manor

Are you ready to uncover the mystery of the Ghostly Manor?! Get ready to go on a Hidden Object adventure like no other – packed full of spooky hidden object scenes, colorful characters, quests, and items to collect.

Search for hidden objects scattered throughout each level, collect useful items, complete quests, earn huge rewards, and meet fun characters on your hidden object journey! Zoom in on the scenes to help find tricky objects, and ask Fiona the helpful Fairy for hints if you get stuck.

As you search for hidden objects throughout your spooky adventure, you’ll encounter a variety of colorful characters. Meet Fiona the helpful fairy, Toomy the troubled tombstone, and a bat who’s afraid of the dark! Help them find objects they’ve lost and receive special rewards in return.

★ Collect hundreds of unique items and get rewards for completing collections
★ Zoom in on the beautiful HD images to uncover those hard to find objects
★ Meet interesting characters and complete quests
★ Use powerful Rings to help find objects
★ Travel through a variety of spooky lands with different themes
★ Find hidden objects by Picture and Shadow
★ Complete daily challenges from the Treasure Goblin
★ Collect dozens of different Creatures
★ Get tips from Fiona the Fairy, your witty guide
★ Earn prizes by digging for treasure in the minigame “Lucky Dig”
★ Collect increasing Daily Rewards
★ Use Potions for lasting effects that help your progress
★ Replay levels in harder modes to earn more rewards
★ Earn free Coins from the Magical Coin Globe
★ A free app, and no internet connection is required to play

Gather items on your adventure and add them to your treasure collection. You’ll receive a big reward every time you complete a collection of five items. Rewards will give you even more items to add to your collection – it’s a treasure hunter’s dream!

Find mysterious items throughout the world that can help you in your hidden objects quest. Use magic rings to help find hidden objects, quaff potions to apply temporary boosts, and use spells to recharge your energy.

Each land has a unique graphical style. Enjoy a hidden objects experience like never before as you immerse yourself in each one of our diverse, unique lands, each with their own theme. Which one is your favorite? We can’t decide!

Land 1 – Ghostly Manor
Start your adventure in the Ghostly Manor. What secrets do these dusty rooms, gardens, and gas-lit streets hold?

Land 2 – Ghost Dwellings
Traverse beautiful yet spooky environments of ghostly apparitions.

Land 3 – Haunted Museum
Enter the Haunted Museum, but be warned that the specimens here are not normal!

Land 4 – Upsidedown World
Everything is topsy-turvy in this mystical world reminiscent of Stranger Things.

Land 5 – Ghosts of the Misty Shore
Beware – ghosts and ghouls prowl the dilapidated surroundings of the Misty Shore!

Land 6 – Uncharted Territory
Journey through a mysterious, untraveled world.

Land 7 – Hallows Eve
Black cats, pumpkins and bats! Explore all things Halloween in these slightly scary scenes.

Land 8 – Haunted Hospital
The cure may be worse than the illness in this hospital!

Land 9 – Mystery Hotel
The staff at this hotel are dead set on having you stay… forever!

Land 10 – Crumbling City
Complete your epic adventure in this decrepit city that time forgot.

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