Head Soccer

Sports arcade Head Soccer takes place in a two-dimensional space between the two players and the empty gates. Players are free to use any methods to achieve victory.

Of course, some restrictions are still present, but they are so insignificant that they turn Head Soccer for Android into bright and entertaining fun for the whole evening.

head soccer

The match develops in several directions – the players, after each attack, accumulate a special scale, allowing to make a super-strike, and therefore, allowing the opponent to make such a strike, the players have to score long and exhausting in response.

Players can take part in 7 game modes. Each is beautiful and interesting in its own way. This includes leagues, tournaments, cups and multiplayer. 73 avatars of your character will be available to participate in the league. Choose your own and uniquely customize its appearance and statistics.

head soccer app

Fantastic characters perfectly show themselves on the field and will give excellent results. Choose who your legendary soccer player will be. It could be a bloodthirsty Dinosaur, greedy for victories Zombie, or a millionaire.


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