Fruit Target Survival Clash of Tribes for Fruit

Somewhere on Earth, there are still wildernesses tribe living in mysterious jungles that people had not discovered yet. Halulu is a such one !! Day by day, hunting fruit is the only work they can do for survival! For them, Fruit is everything!

One day as routine, Haluku – the Patriarch of Halulu Tribe and his daughter are on their way back after a successful fruit hunting afternoon, with two fruit filled barrel. They’re very joyful with this achievement which will help the Halulu Tribe living through coming coldest winter. But…, they are not only one in this jungle, many hidden eyes are spying since the hunting begun.

Suddenly!!!From tall trees, a lot of strange creatures appear, noise everywhere, they steal all the fruits. Hakhi – The most naughty monkey in this jungle is cause of this appropriation, not because of hungry, but naughty as their name Hakhi!
Immobile for few seconds, Haluku and his daughter are calm and unite to attack Hakhi to take back the fruit that they hunted afflicted! Thing that they did not realize is, Halulu is not only one player in this battle, but also many and many others! It’s really endless battle just for Fruit!

Fruit Target is a unique mobile game on market that gives players great fun and relax entertainment. Simple shooting game-play, easy to play, quality graphics. Especially, the shooting feeling is extremely and make fun when take back the fruit!
Game is easily to play with one hand, comfortable control, do not get tired for players in any position when playing.

– Small size and free game.
– Vertical screen – easy to play by one hand.
– Excellent fruit graphics.
– Fruit Arena – Player versus Player, the endless battle to become Legend
– Tribe – Make friends – Help & get more fun!

Fruit Target will bring players into the mysterious jungle, full of the flower, the cold snow and other beautiful scenes but friendly.

Rude weapons, self-made but extremely, including stone knife, wood spears, ax and special boomerang. Each type has different function and strength that support the abilities for players’ strategy.
Let shoot the fruits and get achievements to become a fruit shooting star.

Fruit Arena – extremely fun & competitive. This is a place where playser show up the skills, strategies of fruit hunting, fast and faster to win and gain worthy rewards. Fruit Arena as it’s name means the endless battle between players, Winner will take all!

Shooting is the main skill but not enough, these special items will be your must-have stuff that helping you win the battle. Have you ever think fruit could help you on battle? Tomato, starfruit, strawberry and much more are soft fruit but in this game, they become the useful abilities which could be used to destroy the opponent
Just play game, collect fruit pieces and craft! Easy to become STAR!

Fruit Target with a full of support systems will help player to fight during the hunt.
– Daily Gift – Gift is free and always be there!
– Tribe – Get help and help your Tribe member to conquer the others
– And more…




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