EA SPORTS UFC® is designed for all fans of exciting MMA fights. Gather a team of your favorite UFC fighters, win victories in battles, get rewards and become the best fighter.

More than 80 best UFC fighters in four weight categories are available for the game. Each athlete has his own distinctive set of skills and combat techniques. Choose the fighter who is closer to you. The main feature of the game EA SPORTS UFC® is that there are no lives and game restrictions.

The sports action from the EA SPORTS UFC novelty for Android turned out to be amazingly realistic, energetic and high-quality. High-resolution graphics, a constantly changing camera position adds dynamics, a single career mode, dozens of tricks and real fighters with different characteristics. The fights, quite habitually, take place in closed arenas, where participants are able to apply any tricks earning money and valuable titles.

A career campaign covers all the details of the development of the future champion – the hero appears completely unprepared: neither knowledge of techniques, nor developed characteristics and strikes. Players will download EA SPORTS UFC® on Android and gradually, step by step, develop skills, learn and move to victory!

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