Decurse – A New Magic Farming Game

Design your dream island where pandas 🐼, wizards, and mermaids are just the beginning! BEDAZZLE, CRAFT and FARM your way through enchanted lands as you free a world submerged in water! Can you reverse the curse with the power of smiles and rainbows to bring happiness to the villagers? 🌈

β€’ Twinkle time! Collect ✨magic✨ and happiness to unveil new ground!
β€’ Oh no! Can you lift the spell that has transformed the villagers into sad creatures?
β€’ Let’s open up the world! Reverse the curse to reveal unique and colorful islands!

β€’ πŸ’° Earn coins and gems πŸ’Ž to beautify the town with exclusive dΓ©cor!
β€’ 🎈Collect balloons and earn daily rewards – magnificent!🎈
β€’ Make way! Fulfill orders and complete tasks for your delightful villagers
β€’ Fly your hot air balloon to trade and sell goods with neighbors! Making new friends is fun!

β€’ 🌽 Harvest produce, grow crops and tend to cute animals πŸ₯πŸ₯š
β€’ 🚜 Decorate the town with farms and beautiful gardens! Let’s live in color! 🌺
β€’ Bake, grill, and can delicious treats for your islanders πŸ₯–πŸ°
β€’ 🏰 Mine for stones to rebuild homes, taverns, castles and more!
β€’ Craft, forge, weave and sew – it’s always a party! πŸŽ‰

β˜€There are hundreds of special characters waiting to meet you! β˜€οΈ

Twitter: @DecurseGame
Instagram: @decursegame

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