“Danger Darrel” is here and needs your help to test his new airplanes in this fun 3D arcade action adventure game! He loves the thrill and pushing his beloved planes to their limits, flying through the narrowest paths and fulfilling his desire for adrenaline in a race against dropping fuel levels in a challenging canyon environment.

Fly as far as possible in the hostile and ever-changing endless canyon valley, confronted with dangerous obstacles you might not expect. Make sure to collect various items and that you do not run out of fuel as you manoeuvre through the valley and avoid scratches on you wings! Do you have what it takes to race to the top and become the master?

Your goal? Get as far as possible with the individual planes to become the master on the global leaderboards where you will race against your friends and compete against pilots, racers and aviation masterminds worldwide!

Features of “Danger Darrel” include:

• A constantly changing environment with dynamic challenges in a spectacular 3D Canyon world.
• Multiple Leaderboards to compete with your friends and other players on a global scale.
• Unlock a range of airplanes with unique flying mechanics and properties as you level up and race become the best pilot.
• Acquire multiple skins and gadgets to give your airplane your personal touch.
• Regularly updated with new airplanes to keep the adventure and action alive!

An exhilarating and adrenaline filled 3D airplane action adventure as you race to break your highscores in the skies!


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