Basketball Fantasy Manager 2k20 – Playoffs Game

Are you a fan of basketball games, playoffs and All-Star players? Manage your franchise, lead and coach a professional basketball team in the amazing Basketball General Manager 2019! Build the best 5-men unit lineups ever!
Coach the teams of Cleveland, Los Angeles, Golden State, Oklahoma City, Chicago, San Antonio, Indiana, Boston, Miami, Houston or New York and all the other teams with the best players of the world… Become the most wanted general manager of the 2019 American basketball live using the best tactics! Set up your roster and lineups for a better performance in the most addictive coach manager game – the new Basketball General Manager 2019!

Sign guards, centers and forwards, get the best All-Star playoffs players and lead them to dribble and dunk until victory!
Compete in THREE MATCH MODES: Head-to-head games, tournaments, or league. Get equipped for your All-Star team, hire the best trainers and defeat all the basketball teams of every division in order to win in this sports game. Offense throws win games, but backcourt defense wins tournaments. Plan your tactical shots and throws strategy in all our tournaments and score a winner slam dunk!

The value of your player is the core of this ball sports game, it’s real as in All-Star live! All-Star basketball players have their own offensive and defensive skills… This is the chance to coach league legends and manage the greatest franchises and teams such as the Los Angeles, Golden State, Houston, Cleveland, Chicago, San Antonio, Miami or New York! Make a show of this sport full of tactics and ball shooting!

Challenge your friends in Basketball General Manager 2019. In this strategic sports game, you will have to work the tactics to build the best All-Star basketball playoffs team ever by trading and training basket players, win big games and beat every opponent. Enjoy playoffs and select lineups from your roster simulations! Steal the ball from a free throw, dribble, throw shots, rebound and dunk before the basket quarters timeout in live games!

-> Sign and trade basketball players in auction
-> Coach rookies and lineup a team in this 2019 basketball game!
-> Get your warriors to the court and beat your opponents!
-> Various options to compete: Head-to-head games, tournaments or the league
-> The higher the players’ level, the better they will score in a match!
-> Strengthen your team with coach live trainings
-> Compete and play with your friends in this coach manager and live game!

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The basketball playoffs court requires you! Grab the ball, plan your throws and shots tactics as well as lineups and roster and download Basketball General Manager 2019 now! Start your career and become the most wanted All-Star coach manager! Be the winner in every league match of the league games!

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